Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tool Time

I got a box of tools specifically for repairing a bicycle.

You’ve heard of the concept of knowing just enough to be dangerous? That’s a pretty good description of me with tools. When Steve showed me how a bicycle works and how to give it a tune up, he pointed to a couple of screws on the derailleur, explained their function, and then said, “Now don’t even touch them.” This is the sort of advice that I need to be given. Giving me a box of tools is rather like giving me an invitation to break something and/or injure myself. In fact, you might as well give me a first aid kit and a phone with 911 on speed dial at the same time.

It’s been cold and rainy for several days in a row now. My frustration level at not being able to ride (okay, not being willing to ride) is rising and I want to do something with my bike. Working on it with my shiny tools (shiny not because they are new but because I have so far had the wisdom to not try and use them) is sounding like a more and more interesting idea.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to resist the temptation.

Wish me luck.

See you on the road.

When the weather gets nicer and, if my bike is still working.

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