Monday, March 30, 2009


I ran into two cycling buddies yesterday (well, not literally). Keith was out having pizza with his parents and Karl was selling Keith the pizza. You could put me on a road bike and put Keith on a mountain bike and set us racing down the road and Keith would still kick my tail six ways from Sunday (whatever that means).

Karl hasn't been on the bike in a year. An entire year. I am amazed. He's going to give me a call so we can do some riding and he can get himself back in shape.

The last ride I was on with Karl, there were a group of us riding in a paceline, and Karl hit a hole, went down and took a divot out of his leg. I ended up calling a friend for pickup and taking him to the emergency room where a handy doctor armed with a needle and thread stopped the bleeding. Karl ended up with an interesting story and a really cool scar.

Hm. Do you suppose this is why he hasn't ridden in a year?

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