Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have to admit to being a weather weenie today.

(Alas, that is not an original. I can remember Jörg one day riding an older heavier bike on a ride. When someone else commented on how heavy the frame must be, he told them not to be a weight weenie.)

(Useful tip – also from Jörg – people will spend hundreds of dollars to shave a few grams of weight off of their bike when it would be a lot cheaper and a lot more effective to just lose a pound or two off of their own body.)

I can see that, unable to resist talking about Jörg, I have digressed.

I have to admit to being a weather weenie today. I seriously considered riding my bike to work this morning. I just checked the weather now (two hours later) and the temperature is 31 (feels like 20 due to the wind chill.)

(Jörg says – don’t give me that wind chill stuff, just tell me what the real temperature is. Except, as I recall, he didn’t actually use the word stuff but something a bit more pungent.)

And I took a look at the temperature, which was several degrees chillier when I got up than it is now and decided that I wouldn’t ride to work this morning.


What can I say? Well, I’ve already said it. I’m a weather weenie today. I feel bad about this. I truly do. I’m not getting any miles, I’m not getting any fitter and I’m driving the 2000 lb beast around, with all that entails. I am, however, not freezing any vital body parts off, either, so you kind of have to look at both sides of the issue. Hypothermia isn’t my friend, and blue isn’t my color.

Still, the weather is bound to warm up eventually, at least a little bit.

When it does, I’ll see you on the road.

By the way, just after writing this, I read Cyclin’ Missy’s adventures with a frozen derailleur. She is not a weather weenie.


  1. Don't sweat it looney. We all back down from the weather sometimes. At least you are commuting. I backed down from a comfort bike ride last weekend. Your stories will inspire me to not do that again.

  2. And finally to temperature is a balmy 80 degrees here! Have fun on your rides.