Monday, March 16, 2009

David Z

Dave Zabriskie of team Garmin-Slipstream got back from taking second place in the Tour of California to find out that him home had been burglarized.

Among those items stolen from Zabriskie’s home are:
Black 2008 Subaru Outback, Utah plate A189NC
Black 2006 Toyota Scion, Utah plate 094VWM
Giro D Italia Race Medal (approx. 6" circumference)
Olympic Seiko watch
Beijing Olympic ring (silver) with initials "DZ" engraved ($4,000)
Olympic Time Trial Bike, plus 12 other bikes (combined value of $100,000)
Cervelo (black/red) bike frame - team issued ($5000)
Tag Heuer watch ($6,000)
Bose Speaker/Receiver System ($15,000)
Sony 52" flat screen TV ($4,000)
Two Mac Books and one Mac desktop, plus hard drive ($8,000)
A pair of Space legs, a recovery compression system for legs ($5,000)
7 Marvel sideshow statues ($11,000)

According to police, the Marvel sideshow statues are distinctive in that they stand two- to three feet tall and are very heavy. The stolen statues were of: "Hellboy" pistol figurine, "Ash"Army of Darkness, "Tomb Raider" Lara Croft, "The Punisher," "Alien," "Ironman" Limited Edition, and a "Gears of War" character.

Now, this is only among those items stolen. Good grief! When I saw this list, I felt sorry for David Z. (although given the unique nature of some of the items as well as the tremendous amount of publicity the crime is getting (it’s even published here in the blog, you’ll notice) he does at least stand some chance of getting some of his stuff back.

After my burst of sympathy, however, I started actually looking at the list. That’s a lot of nice stuff, don’t you think? Top level pro cyclists make a lot more money than I realized! Also, Dave has some interests other than cycling. He’s a fan of Army of Darkness, which is pretty cool.

Breaking into someone’s home is horrendous enough, but there are certain things that even the most hardened of criminals should never take – musical instruments, bicycles and irreplaceable one-of-a-kind items (which means that taking the bike David Z. rode in the Olympic time trial in Beijing a double whammy).

Now, I definitely don’t think that crimes perpetrated against rich famous people are more heinous than crimes perpetrated against the average person, and I don’t know Mr. Zabriskie, though I did once get his autograph at the Tour de Georgia after standing in the rain for awhile. I suppose it’s just that we hear about the crimes against rich people. (No worries, this is not going to turn into a social exposé. This a cycling blog, just in case you’d forgotten.)

Anyway, now that I'm all worked up, I think I'll go for a ride. It's cold and rainy, but that'll cool me off.

See you on the road.

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