Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Slo'Bros

We Are the Slo'Bros

The founding motherfathers of the Slo'Bros had their first ride and loved it. A new cycling club is born. Here is a brief description of that first ride by our chief founding motherfather:  (That is nowhere near as rude as it somehow sounds.)

We actually went out this morning, hoping for a dry ride and getting none. Couple of hours, 25 miles, laughing all the way. (Well, technically, only during the first hour and a half, before we came up on an overpass, ran out of gas and things got really quiet...)

Yes, we are the Slo'Bros. And who are the Slo'Bros you probably aren't asking, but I'll tell you anyway?

The vibe is completely social, no more than two hours, gentleman's pace always, no drops ever, tandems and friends/family tagging along highly encouraged

And, there you have it. We aren't hammerheads. We don't race. We just ride and have a good time.
If you come with us on a ride and start to hammer, we will quite happily watch you disappear over the horizon and wish you well, but we won't try to keep up with you. We ride! Once a week, anyway.

We don't have a logo or a club jersey - that would take effort, after all.

And, you know what? We're okay with that.

Have you ever been on a nice social ride and had it splinter or turn into a hammerfest because one or two guys decided they just had to lift the pace? That is not the Slo'Bros way.

Tandems? Cool. Training wheels? Fine. Mountain bike? Go for it. Steel frame? Sure thing. Energy shots? You won't need them. We are the Slo'Bros. If we had a logo, it might be a lanterne rouge or possibly a broom.

But we do have a motto:

Follow us - it's REALLY easy.

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