Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looney's Rules

Courtesy of the chief founding motherfather of the Slo'Bros, here is our new club logo.  It nicely sums up who we are (except that maybe the wheels* should be flat).  We are the Slo'Bros, and we are content with that.  Which reminds me...

I keep running into people who used to ride.  (Now, I used to used to ride, but now I ride again.)  Today, while out buying pizza, I ran into one more person who used to ride and who means to get back to it one of these days.  Once, long ago, in my halcyon days of youth, I said, "The only way to get more miles is to get more miles."  One of the guys I was riding with at the time looked thoughtful for a moment, but then his face cleared and he said, "I thought for a minute there that you said something profound."  I like to think that I did.  (I didn't, really, but I still like to think so.)  Now I have a corollary:  "The only way to get back on your bike is to get back on your bike."  (I seem to have stumbled across a system here...)  What I mean is, quit thinking about it.  Do it.

And, when you do, I know just the group for you to ride with...


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