Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Early Morning Onwards

A whole weekend and no time to ride.


Then Monday comes. I get off work a little early, get kitted out, fill my bottle and am on the point of putting on my shoes when events get the better of me. Errands that must be done now pop up and I have to put everything away and set to work.

The upshot of all of this is that I make the ultimate sacrifice today. I get up extra early so that I can get a ride in before I have to head out for the day. It rained hard last night and a 60% chance of rain was predicted for today, but when I rise with the sun, the rain is gone.

A quick breakfast and out the door and I have the wind in my face and my legs, which felt heavy yesterday, and feeling pretty good today, despite the early hour. Excellent.

I try to plan a route that won’t be too clogged with school traffic, and that worked out pretty well, too.

There was a Far Side one time in which a scientist puts on a helmet that lets him understand what dogs are really saying, and they are all saying, “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

I don’t believe it. Sometimes dogs have a definite message to convey. This thought struck me today right after riding up a hill into the wind. I was moseying along catching my breath when a huge German Shepherd said some truly unkind things to me from not far away and then bolted in my direction. Jerked out of my reverie, I started to push the pedals harder when I heard the sound of a chain scraping a tree and realized that this dog was not going to be able to make good on his threats.

You know, sometimes you can tell when a dog is serious and when he’s not. A playful dog can still knock you down, but while you’re lying there concussed he won’t eviscerate you. This dog was not that kind of dog, so I’m glad he was chained up.

I passed a herd of cows at one point, and a single cow lifted it’s head and looked at me. I looked back at the cow, and we started at each other as I passed, the cow’s head slowly turning to keep my in sight.

Why did this cow look at me when the others did not?

What she the only smart cow? The only curious cow? The only cow who’d never seen a cyclist before? The only cow who’d already finished her breakfast? After I passed, did she nudge the cow next to her and say, “Well, would you look at that?”

Today’s lesson in how to get strong:

1. Ride in the wind.

2. Ride uphill.

3. Ride uphill and into the wind at the same time.

That was my morning.

A group of three dogs saw me coming and set out in pursuit, but they never left their yard. I like these dogs.

I had the rain on my mind as I was riding, but the heavens didn’t open up while I was on the road. About three miles from home I was riding into a stiff headwind, and I could smell the rain in the wind. It was the leading edge of some storm that was headed my way, but it didn’t reach where I was until I wasn’t there anymore, so I didn’t get wet.

All in all, a great ride and a great way to start the day. I’d do it again tomorrow morning if I didn’t have to be at work so early. Still, there’s always tomorrow evening.

See you on the road.

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