Monday, October 21, 2013

The Slo-Bros Ride Again...Sort Of

I'm beginning to suspect that the Slo'Bros are fibbing to me. It's like the whole Clark Kent - Superman thing - you never see them together. I'm begining to think that Clark Kent might actually be superman. I know that sounds crazy, but it just might be true. Well, when I go on a Slo-Bros ride, there are usually only three of us, except yesterday when there were only two of us. But I always hear about the last ride, the one I wasn't on, when there were whole bunches of people...Dave and Bobby and Karen and Spanky and Alfalfa and Darla...

So we had a small Slo-'ros ride (two people - not exactly a group ride), and we rode what used to be one of the standard club routes. It was a lot of fun to be back on those roads, though, I have to admit, I had forgotten all the little hills and false flats that were on the particular route we rode.

We encountered three of the most lackadaisical dogs I have ever seen. Oh, they chased us, but their hearts really weren't in it. We really didn't even have to speed up to get away from them, and, since we were just loafing along at a Slo'Bros pace, that tells you something. (Note to the universe: this is not a complaint, and it is not necessary to send slavering packs of rapidly running dogs after me on any future ride in order to make up for this.)

In typical cycling fashion we talked about:*

      the riders who weren't on the ride

      the wind

      the hills

      various body parts


      previous rides
     the meaning of life from the perspective of the theology of Thomas Aquinas as contrasted with
     epistemological nihilism.

*This list may not, strictly speaking, be entirely accurate in all respects

 Do you know what that is a picture of?  Two brown chamois.

I posted this picture because, as we were riding, a car came up behind us and laid on its horn and scared us.  This picture seemed an appropriate way to express our feelings.

We did violate the official Slo'Bros charter at the end of the ride by charging side by side up a notorious hill at the end of the ride, which was a lot of fun but rather painful.  We could never have gotten away with that if there had been any other Slo'Bros on the ride, and we wouldn't have tried.

In the end it was a great ride, and it got me over 70 miles for the week, which is my new highest total since I got back on the bike.

Progress, progress, progress.



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