Thursday, October 3, 2013

March of the Machines

My compooter is compooting again!

As you may recall, or, most likely don't recall, or quite possibly, don't computer would record my speed but not my distance, which was fairly annoying. The problem turned out to be, as any right thinking person would have expected, operator error. 

Yes, that's right, it was me.

It turned out that, if you press the wrong buttons too many times in a row, the computer simply gets fed up with you and decides to get back at you by ceasing to record your distance. Fortunately, when I took the bike in for a long overdue and well deserved tune-up, massage and pedicure, Steve was able to undo what I had done to the computer, and now it is suffering under the illusion that it is dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. As long as I don't get button happy again, it should keep working.

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