Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Here


Does that sound like a good number?

It isn’t.

It really works out this way: a temperature of 52 degrees F + a wind speed of 20 mph + only 37 total miles on 2010 = a rider who’s in for a very hard ride. Don’t you think?

That’s what I thought, and I was right.

I engaged first in my usual winter time sport of trying to decide if I was wearing the right stuff to brave the weather. Melanie offered the comment, “You have a lot of clothes on.” I agreed and then hoped that I was wearing enough. (As it turns out, it was just right.)

The wind was atrocious, and it made it seem bitterly cold and my legs were blocks of wood, but at least I was finally out riding again. That counts for something, right?

I would like here to give a shout out to the Grimes family. (Did you ever notice that no one ever actually shouts when they give a shout out?) Hey, Grimes family! I don’t know you, but you had a sign hanging outside your mailbox letting everyone know who you were. Hello!

There were no dogs out chasing me. There were no other cyclists on the road in my area. There were precious few cars out (not counting that really large truck that went screaming past me without giving me very much clearance at all.

Before the ride, I stopped by the bike shop to pay some more on my Lovely Lovely’s bike, which is on lay away. (It’s alright. There’s no chance that she’ll want to go out and ride until the weather warms up, so we still have a couple of months to pay it off.) I ran into Steve, Dave and Chuck at the bike shop, were I was assured that my name was being taken in vain at club rides due to my extended absence.

It was good to see the guys, though I rather see them over a pair of handlebars than standing around a store. I mentioned to them that my Lovely Lovely had told me I needed to get out and ride more. Opinion was divided as to whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll go with the good thing idea.

(I’ll go with the good thing idea? I’ll bet that’s a sentence you’ve never seen before. It’s surely a sentence I’ve never written before. Many of my sentences are peculiar, but that one might be in a class by itself.)

Well, here’s hoping I actually do get some more rides in. After all, the double century is only a few months away, and I’m determined to do it this year. You read it here first, and now you can hold me to it.

See you on the road.



  1. *shiver* It's 13 degrees here today with winds at 19mph gusting to 25mph. Snow is blowing around in think clouds. I have a total of 12 miles ridden in 2010 so far - all indoors. In one workout.

    I'm actually really jealous of 52 degrees right now!

  2. I feel for you! I truly do. Of course, if you've been out in that weather at all, you may not be feeling much!