Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slow and Easy

I went on a sofa ride today, mostly just to stretch my legs and wash out the lactic acid from yesterday’s effort. It was kind of windy, but I didn’t care because I was pretty much committed to not much effort today, so all I did was slow down. It takes away a lot of the push when you really don’t care how fast (or, more to the point) how slow you go.

I was just cruising, heading anywhere I took into my pointy little head to go, wandering through neighborhoods and subdivisions as the whim struck me.

I noticed that there are a lot of personalized mailboxes out there. Polka dots are the most popular, both black and white and multi-colored, but I saw a mailbox with a little metal horse on top of it, rainbows, a pennant festooned with the letter “J”, (yes, I did say festooned) and, best of all, a giant fish. It was an iridescent green, and its wide open mouth held the mailbox door. This is kind of kitschy cool. I wouldn’t want one, mind you, but it was kitschy cool all the same.

Unlike most days, I was kind of glad not to run into any other cyclists on the road today, because I was so clearly slacking off…I mean, on a recovery ride. Yeah, that’s it. It was a recovery ride.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that I saw was a snakeless skin. That is, an empty snake skin which had apparently been shed by its previous owner, which is not to say that there is a skinless snake out there somewhere.

Talk about a lazy no pressure ride…I just sort of oozed my way up hills, ignored the wind by simply slowing down if it blew harder and generally just had a nice pleasant time. Every car that passed me (and they were few and far between) did so with courtesy and kindness. That was the icing on the cake.

Sometimes this is exactly the kind of ride I’m in the mood for.

Tomorrow, it’ll probably be different.

See you on the road.

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