Monday, April 27, 2009

Here We Are Again

It’s true what they say – once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget. I thought of this as I climbed into the saddle for what felt like the first time in years. In fact, I thought of several things, and here they are in order:

1. Gosh it’s hot

2. It’s true what they say, etc.

3. This feels really good

4. Gosh it’s hot

5. Oh, the wind is in my face

6. Hm. I forgot about this hill here

7. I have sausages stuffed with jello instead of legs.

8. Sausages stuffed with jello? Yech.

I passed a dog who, fortunately for me, was on a chain, because, although I don’t actually speak dog, I’m pretty sure this one was calling me some pretty horrible names and making threats against my person.

I turned onto the main road and spotted a car up ahead of me wanting to turn. It was going to have to cross my lane to get to where it wanted to go, and I thought of Missy.

If you don’t read Missy’s blog, now would be an excellent time to start.

Missy was recently involved in a failed physics experiment. In this experiment, the driver of a car apparently wanted the answers to two all important questions:

A. Can two objects, in fact, occupy the same space?

B. Can you have an action without an equal and opposite reaction?

Well, just for the record,

A. No

B. Don’t try this at home and

C. Put 911 and your insurance company on speed dial, thank you very much

Thankfully, Missy is fine (though the same cannot be said of her bike) but with her recent adventure on my mind, I tried to make sure every driver on every side street was aware of my presence and the same for ever driver who was going to turn and pass through my lane. I also got a funny feeling in the small of my back as I heard car’s coming up behind me.

I selected my route carefully and made sure that, as I started out, I headed into the wind. This is a brilliant idea, provided that the wind continues to blow the same direction. Just for the record, it didn’t, and I had a head wind going out and coming back.

Still, I got some miles, did it at a reasonable pace, didn’t get smacked by any passing vehicles and didn’t get heat stroke. All in all a lovely ride. I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.

See you on the road.


  1. I'm glad you finally got to get back out on the bike! Doesn't it feel great when you haven't been riding in a while?! I know what you mean about that feeling in the small of your back. I have definitely felt that on recent rides!

    I've got to call the bike shop today to check up on my road bike repairs. I've probably got another week before I see it again. I miss Slick!

  2. I can imagine some of your frustration, remembering the time I trashed my rear derailleur and my bike was locked up on the shop for what seemed like forever!

    It's good to know my legs still work, though.

    More or less:-)